Golf For BeginnersWhat if I told you that breaking 100 doesn’t need to be hard or at random?

That all you need to do is have the right mindset, the right training, the right strategies, the right swing plane, and the right golf gears to consistently break 100.

How many times have you experienced being at the last hole and that all you just needed is a par to get 100?

But then, all the pressure started mounting up, you’re so so close to your goal.

Unfortunately, you end up with a score of 101. If only that one putt went out as planned!

It’s so frustrating, right?

Relax. This is what The Golf Prof is here for.

Learn how you could finally break 100 and how to do it consistently. The Golf Prof is a resource center for golfers who want to improve their game and lower their golf scores. You will discover what golf clubs best complement your swing skill. You will experience a breakthrough from what’s holding you back from achieving your golf goals.

Aside from easy to understand and easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorials, you will benefit from honest and well researched reviews of various golfing equipment.

Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons for BeginnersFamiliarize yourself with golf terms, rules, and etiquette. Learn ways on how to lower your golf score with free online golf lessons to make you a better golfer. Download golf for beginners in PDF so that you can study even if you are not online.

Discover golfing techniques, get golf instructions, watch video lessons, and do practice drills on how to swing, how to drive, how to control your chip and pitch shots, how to putt, how to analyze your swing, how to draw and fade the ball, how to play from a divot, and how to master trouble shots.

Golf Clubs

Golf Club Sets for BeginnersIf you want to be adequately prepared for a round of golf, then you should make sure that you’re carrying with you a superior set of golf clubs that are carefully handpicked to match your playing skills and swing speed. You are limited to bring at the most 14 clubs in your golf bag.

And with so many kinds and brands of golf clubs available like drivers, woods, wedges, irons, putters, hybrids, it can be quite confusing as to what to use. Of course, each one has its own pros and cons, there is no perfect golf club.

But the good news is, you can save yourself from the headache of choosing which one is the best. I have streamlined the selection process for you so that you know what’s to like and what’s not to like in a particular golf club. You don’t need to hop from one resource to another because everything that you need to know is here, clearly explained to you in detail.

Golf Balls

How To Choose The Right Golf BallI used to think that all golf balls are the same. Golf balls look confusingly similar to one another. So, which ball should you buy?

If a ball is more expensive, does that mean that it performs better? Not necessarily. You should look into what material the golf ball is made of, how big it is, how fast it spins, how soft or hard it is.

There are golf balls made particularly for beginners, intermediate, or advanced golfers. Golfers have different swing speeds. You need to know your swing speed to determine the ball that is ideal for your swing speed. If you are an amateur golfer, then don’t use a tour level ball. You will have a hard time controlling it because it’s not meant for your skill.

Even though you will get recommendations as to what ball suits you, you many need to try out different balls to see for yourself if they do help you with your game. What I can do is to give you a guide so that you will know what criteria to consider when choosing the ball that can best add accuracy and distance to your shots.

Golf Training Aids

Golf Training AidsEven if you have the best tools available on earth, you will not be able to master the game of golf if you do not practice and train. It takes discipline and persistence to keep on training. You can hire a coach to teach you and correct your moves face to face. You can also use training aids that can develop your skills at your own time and pace. You can use them at convenience of your home or bring them to a round of golf provided that that particular training aid is allowed.

What’s good about training aids is that you develop your muscle memory with frequent use to the point that you naturally do the correct swing after using them repeatedly. Some are portable and easy to set up. But there are those that are tedious to set up. To be honest, most of them are effective but, sad to say, some are just a waste of money. But don’t worry, I saved you all the trouble by pointing you to effective training aids that actually work.

Golf Carts

If you play golf regularly and you don’t like to walk and carry your golf bag, then investing in a golf cart is a wise decision. There are many factors to consider especially if you’re a first time buyer. First of all, are you allowed to drive a golf cart legally? Are you just going to drive it in the golf course or on the streets as well? What makes a golf cart street legal? Should you register it?

Should you buy a new or a used car? Is gas powered cars better than electric cars? What brand is the most durable and reliable? Are parts and accessories readily available in the market? What is the maintenance cost of owning one?

These are just some of the questions that will be answered to help you in your buying decision process. Get advice on how to pick the right golf cart with The Golf Prof’s buying guide. The directory of golf cart dealers will also come in handy.

Golf Courses

Golf CoursesA golf course is a golfer’s playground. It has a teeing ground, water hazard, bunker, fairway, and a putting green. There are public golf courses that are open for everyone to play. It can either be managed by the government or by a private company. There are also private golf courses that are for the exclusive use of their members.

Golf courses can be classified according to their sizes: 18-hole course, 9-hole course, executive course, par-3 course, and approach course. They can also be classified according to where it is located: links course, parkland course, desert course.

You will definitely find some that are your favorites and also some that are quite challenging. But it’s the challenge that will push you to level up.

Do you want to know what are the best golf courses near you? Read reviews and first-hand accounts of golfers from around the world here. You can search for golf courses in the course finder here.

Key Takeaway

How to Break 100It is possible to break 100 consistently if have the right strategies in place. Instead of focusing on hitting 300 yards from the tee, you should focus on better putting skills.

The Golf Prof is here to help you control the distance of your putts. Golf lessons, together with reviews of golf clubs and other golf equipment, will help you become a better golfer in no time.