Callaway Capital Cart Bag

Keep Your Clubs Organized and Protected

Callaway Capital cart bag is spacious with 10 full length dividers. Having full length dividers that are padded will ensure that your clubs will not bump on each other an any time. They will also keep your clubs organized and easy to locate.

But as you may already know, the maximum number of golf clubs that a golfer is allowed to carry in his golf bag is 14. So if you want to maximize the allowable number of clubs and want a separate compartment for each club, then you may be better off with getting a Callaway Chev cart bag instead. The Callaway Chev has 14 full length dividers.

6 Available Colors of Callaway Capital Cart Bag on Amazon

Lots of Storage Compartments

If you’re looking for a cart bag that has many pockets, then this one is for you. It has a total of six pockets: two of which can be used to store your valuables, one pocket for keeping your gps range finder, another two pockets that are full length can be used to store your clothes, and a huge pocket for storing up to 48 pieces of golf balls!

However, if you like to keep your drinks cold, you will be disappointed to know that it does not have an insulated cooler pocket for your beverages unlike the Callaway Golf Org 14 cart bag.

No need to worry about getting scratches on your gadgets because the pockets for valuables are lined with smooth soft velour fabric. Lastly, all of the pockets are secured with zippers.


Given its features and durability, this Callaway Capital cart bag is a value for money.


It is very lightweight, weighing only 3 and a half pounds. Although this is a cart bag, having a lightweight and easy to carry bag is advantageous to any golfer.

The shoulder strap is single and padded. It can be easily adjusted according to your preferred length and can even be removed if desired.

What’s Not to Like

This model is one of the most affordable cart bags made by Callaway. But in the process of lowering the cost of manufacturing this type of bag, one feature that was not embedded on this is being fully waterproof. If you want a fully waterproof bag, then go for a Callaway Aqua Dry cart bag wherein even the zippers are sealed but, of course, it is more expensive.

Even though it is not fully waterproof, you can easily cover your clubs with the included rain hood just in case it rains.

Lastly, don’t expect that it to have a stand or legs because this is a cart bag. It is intended to be placed on a push or pull cart or a golf cart.

Key Takeaway

The Callaway Capital cart bag can help keep your golf clubs safe and organized with its 10 full length dividers. It has 6 storage compartments for storing your essentials and accessories although it does not have an insulated cooler pocket.

Moreover, it is affordable and lightweight. But this is a cart bag so it will be put on a golf cart so having a lightweight bag is not that important. One thing that is not so good about the Callaway Capital cart bag is its not being completely waterproof. Overall, this is a wallet-friendly and durable golf bag.