Callaway Capital Stand Bag

Callaway Capital Stand Bag Review

pros callaway capital stand bagDurable and sturdy
pros callaway capital stand bagPockets are easily accessible
pros callaway capital stand bagDouble shoulder strap
pros callaway capital stand bagLightweight
pros callaway capital stand bagEasy to clean

cons callaway capital stand bagOnly 5 dividers to organize your golf clubs
cons callaway capital stand bagSmaller than a regular golf bag
cons callaway capital stand bagNeeds a little bit of adjustment when standing it on concrete ground

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Keep All of Your Golf Gears Neatly Organized

Are you searching for a golf stand bag that will fit all your golf clubs for the upcoming round of golf that also has a place for your apparel, water container, glove, your valuables, and balls?

You have it all here in Callaway Capital stand bag and so much more. It has the looks, has five (5) sections on top to place your golf clubs in an orderly manner – section for your long clubs, short clubs, irons, and short game clubs. There is a room for your golf apparel in case you need to change; a place to put your water bottle where you can pick it up easily; a place for your gloves, a pocket for your valuables like wallet, mobile phone; a space for your golf balls.

There is also a loop for your towel so it can be easily dried up and easy pick up; a mesh hip pad that is soft; lift assist handles; the foot pads of the bag are anti-slip; a golf club hood to cover your clubs in case it rains.

The Callaway Capital stand bag can fit fourteen (14) clubs – four wood clubs, nine irons, one putter. But if you can just bring twelve or thirteen clubs, not only will the golf bag be lighter, it will be easier to get and place back the clubs in the bag. The stand bag can also fits ladies’ clubs.


The Capital stand bag is thoughtfully made that fits easily in a golf cart. A sturdy golf bag, its stand is nicely positioned letting the bag lean at an angle so the clubs are very accessible to reach.

Even if you are 6′ 2” in height, you will feel its comfortable straps, it looks professional and compact. When opening the velcro, its legs stands out easily, and you will realize that it is well built.


One of the best features of Capital golf stand bag is its being lightweight. It weighs just around five (5) pounds! It will help you save your strength for the long round of golf. It also has a dual shoulder strap that are adjustable, and with paddings so the golf bag will be softer in your shoulders, giving you more comfort in carrying the golf set.

Because of the stand bag’s light in weight and durability, it is compatible for female golfers, even having fourteen (14) clubs in it! The velvet colored line pocket for valuables looks nice for female golfers. When your golf game is not that well, at least you carry a light weight golf bag that lessens your burden.

Pockets are Easily Accessible

When you are driving a golf cart, the pockets of the Callaway Capital stand bag are accessible. Even when the golf bag is in a push cart, the pockets can be easily accessed.

It has a number of pockets to store your golf supplies. In one of the big pockets, you can find the clubs’ rain hood with a material like your regular rain coat.

Easy to Clean

No problem when the bag becomes dirty because its material is easy to clean. If you will not use the bag for some time, you can easily carry and store it.

Smaller Than a Regular Golf Bag

Compared to a regular golf bag, the Capital Stand Bag is smaller. When the stand bag is placed on grass, its stand is sturdy. But when it is placed on concrete ground, you need to adjust and assist it at first before letting it go. Make sure that the ground surface is not that slippery for the stand.

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Golf Stand Bag vs Golf Cart Bag

Which golf bag is for you? A golf stand bag or a golf cart bag?

You can find below the difference in the golf bag’s physical aspect and type of usage. It also depends on your golf lifestyle, including your health condition, physical strength, likes and dislikes.

Golf Stand Bag

The main unique parts of a stand bag or sometimes called “golf carry bags” are its two built-in retractable stand legs and by having two straps.

The stand legs purpose is to help secure the steadiness of the golf bag when no person is assisting it and if the ground is uneven or has a slope. This is especially helpful when it is windy, your golf bag will not easily fall on the ground because of the two sturdy legs.

You can set up your next golf shot faster, because you can quickly let go of your golf bag and let it stand. Without the two retractable legs, the golf bag needs to be balanced taking more time, before you let go of it.

The purpose of the two straps is to help lighten the golf bag’s weight as compared to the single strap of the golf cart bag. Like carrying a common back pack bag, the golf bag’s weight is more evenly distributed to your left and right shoulders. The straps are made with soft cushion pads to make it more comfortable when carrying it.

In the market, you will see many choices of golf stand bags that offer nice color combinations, many pockets (big or small pockets), and different looks which can best match your personal preferences.

Other Features of a Stand Bag:

1. Lighter Weight
Usually, the stand bag is smaller than a cart bag and is made of lighter materials, making the stand bag lighter by around 2 to 5 pounds. Most golfers using the stand bag prefer to carry the golf bag by themselves. So the lighter the golf bag means lesser stress for the golfer.

2. More simple design
Since stand bags are smaller than cart bags, if will place fourteen (14) golf clubs in a stand bag, it will be a bit crowded. The number of pockets might be fewer, and its pocket size might be smaller compared to a golf cart bag.

3. Can be placed on a cart
A golf stand bag can be also placed on a push and pull cart having two wheels, or on a battery powered golf cart having four wheels.

Golf Cart Bag

The cart bag is the first and original golf bag used by golfers. The main unique parts of the golf cart bag are its hard bottom and its single strap. While the cart bag’s common feature with the golf stand bag are its club dividers and pockets.

Other Features of a Cart Bag:

1. Ample Storage
Generally, a cart bag is bigger in size compared to a stand bag, and usually have bigger pockets. If you will bring a lot of golf gears, it will not be a problem storing it in the cart bag. Typically, you will find a space for rain suit both for your body and golf clubs, golf umbrella, bottle water, clips for range finder, sunblock, electronic gadgets, and other important things you would like to bring while in the golf course.

2. Accessible Pockets
As you walk in the golf course, often times you walk with your golf bag carried by the cart. When you suddenly need something in your golf bag, it is easily accessible because the pockets can be quickly located. Compare which golf bag has the most accessible pockets when it is actually set on a golf cart.

3. Lighter Load
If you want your physical body to be more relaxed, not having to carry a heavy load of bag, then let the golf cart do the carrying of your golf bag! You may personally push or pull the golf cart, or let your caddie do it. While a golf stand bag is more preferred by golfers who wants to carry the golf bag by themselves, that is why there are two straps in a stand bag, like carrying a knapsack bag, or backpack.

4. Can be placed on a cart
Designed to conveniently place in a push cart, the cart bag’s main body and round bottom are shaped. Do note that usually the push and pull cart and the golf cart bag are sold separately. Be careful when you are pulling the push and pull cart on a sloped ground, it might get off-balanced and needs to be carried a little.

Key Takeaway

The colors of the Callaway Capital stand bag are bright and good for young golfers and beginners as well. You can also give it as a nice birthday gift to your spouse or parents, may he or she be an occasional player or regular golf player.

The Callaway Capital stand bag is durable, lightweight, easy to clean and has easily accessible pockets and double shoulder strap. Although it is smaller than a regular golf bag, it can fit 14 clubs into 5 sections. It is sturdy but needs a little bit of adjustment when standing it on concrete ground.