Callaway Sunday Golf Club Bag

Are you searching for a Sunday golf club bag that is ultra light weighing less than three pounds, with stands, single strap for carrying, club dividers, and with a base that is water resistant? Look no further, Callaway Golf has the answer. It is called the Callaway Hyper Lite 1+ Single Strap Sunday Club Stand Bag!

Actually there are more features in this Callaway Sunday golf bag. Its materials are of top quality, size is just right and have a wonderful design! The Callaway Hyper Lite 1+ Pencil Sunday golf bag’s main features include having two stands which is integrated and manually released, single strap made of comfortable soft mesh padding, three way full length club dividers at its top, water resistant coating at its bottom, has three pockets with zippers, and all these with a weight of less than three pounds! These are the essential things a golf walker would like.

Callaway Golf Hyper Lite 1 Pencil Sunday Bag Review

pros callaway sunday bagTwo Stands
pros callaway sunday bagComfortable Single Strap
pros callaway sunday bagThree Way Top Dividers
pros callaway sunday bagWater Resistant Base
pros callaway sunday bagThree Zippered Pockets
pros callaway sunday bagUltra Lightweight

cons callaway sunday bagNo Internal Support


The Callaway Golf Hyper Lite 1+ has two stands which are integrated in the pencil bag and are manually released, so the golf club bag is not touching the grass or flooring, keeping the bag dry (if the golf course grass is wet), maintain cleanliness of the bag, and you can easily pull out your desired club to play. This stand is especially helpful during rainy times, when you decide to continue your golf after the rain stopped, keeping your things inside the pockets dry.


The Callaway Hyper Lite 1+ single strap uses the Comfort Tech™ Strap System having a soft mesh padding and an ergonomic EVA foam core. The single strap is light, easy to put on your shoulder and helps you carry the Sunday golf bag throughout your whole round of golf.


Now your golf clubs can be organized separating the woods, longs irons and short irons. The top has three way full length club dividers so you can get the club faster, and the divider is about 7.5 inches long with a molded handle integrated in the bag, so you can easily put down or pull up your golf bag.

You may place about ten (10) golf clubs into Hyper Lite 1+ pencil bag to make carrying light and you will easily reinsert golf clubs back in the bag. If you really need to use more clubs like fourteen (14) golf clubs, the pencil bag can accommodate, but it will be harder the pull and insert back the clubs in the bag.


Callaway Hyper Lite 1+ somehow solved a common problem of Sunday golf bags that its base easily gets wet. By using water resistant coating at its bottom, the Hyper Lite bag keeps the club inside fairly dry.


Zippered pockets are important for valuable items so they will not be accidentally slip out of the pocket. And there are three zippered pockets in this light weight golf bag which are the velour lined pocket for your valuables or gadgets, a pocket for golf balls and tees, and a spacious pocket for your clothes like extra shirt, jacket, or rain coat. There is also a pocket for your water container.


Believe it or not, a golf bag weighing less than three pounds and having all features mentioned above including a stand, it is a golfers dream who prefers to walk and carry his or her golf bag in the course, you can find it in the Callaway Golf Hyper Lite 1+ Stand Bag!

Truly a great golf bag for walking especially in a hot weather, and it will all the more encourage male golfers and even female golfers to exercise by walking and carry their own golf bags because it is lighter compared to many other Sunday golf bags with stand and the common heavy golf bags.


A feature that Callaway Hyper Lite does not have is a spine or an internal support just like most Sunday golf bags, so the pencil bag will collapse a bit, but it seems like a minor issue.

How did the term “Sunday Golf Bag” come about?

In the earlier days when many people observe the Sabbath Day or Sunday, one day each week that is set apart for a person to take time to rest and worship God. No work or labor intensive thing is being done during Sabbath, therefore there are no golf caddies around the golf course during Sunday. If a golfer really wants to play golf on a Sunday, then he or she should carry his or her own standard golf bag which is usually heavy. To help lighten the golf bag’s overall weight, the Sunday golf bag was developed.

Is a Sunday golf bag for you?

Walking is one of the best physical exercise to all types of people and at any age. Your blood has a good circulation while one walks, and gets perspired letting out the unnecessary things inside your body. As a golfer who walks around the golf course, your respiratory system gets better as you inhale clean oxygen from the green grass and trees around, and appreciate nature. But if you are the type of golfer who prefer to carry your own golf bag throughout the nine or eighteen hole golf course, your shoulders and body might experience unnecessary stress because of the heavy standard golf bag. The usual things found inside a golf bag are the complete set of clubs, irons, golf balls, gears and gadgets, which some of those are not used in an ordinary golf game.

To solve the stress experienced in your shoulders, the Sunday golf club bag was created or sometimes called pencil golf bag. It is designed to be smaller in size compared to a standard golf bag, made with lighter materials, looks like a pencil because of its simplicity, to let the golfer carry only the basic or usual clubs being played in an average game. As a result, the overall weight is decreased, making it light to carry on your shoulders. Using up lesser energy in carrying, means lesser stress as well to your physical body.

Another option to relieve stress in a golfer’s shoulder, is to use a golf push and pull cart. Where the whole golf bag is placed on the cart, and you just push or pull it to where you like it to go. There are golf push carts with two, three, or four wheels in the market, based from your preferences.

Other Advantages and Options of a Sunday Golf Bag

A Sunday golf bag is made of lighter material yet strong, some use nylon fabric for parachutes, making it more flexible in size compared to a standard golf bag, so you have some more space in the vehicle for your other things to bring.

When the Sunday golf bag is empty, the range of its weight is about two to four pounds, plus the weight of its stand if available, that is about 50% of the weight of a standard golf bag. The pencil golf bag can occupy a smaller space because you can fold it more than a standard golf bag, and keep it if you decide not to use for a time.

Most Sunday golf bags do not have a stand, so after you picked the club you want to use, you just lay down the golf bag on the ground, or lean it against a structure. An optional bag stand can be purchased separately. Or you may choose a Sunday golf bag with an integrated stand already, to keep your bag off the ground in case the grass is wet, or the ground is dirty. You don’t know for sure if it is going to rain and the golf path you might take is quite muddy. If it is within your budget, then investing in a Sunday golf bag with stand is a wise choice. The stand will help prevent unnecessary damage in the bag’s material caused by touching the ground a great number of times.

A common Sunday golf bag has a single strap for carrying on your shoulder, though there are golf bags with two straps and straps like a backpack. Choose golf bag straps made of strong cloth and woven nicely that you think will endure many rounds of golf. A good strap should also have comfortable padding to cushion the heaviness of the golf bag on your shoulder. It’s better if the straps are adjustable, so you can easily swing it to your shoulders and be comfortable with it based on your height and body mass.

Most pencil golf bags have two to three zippered pockets, and a mesh pocket for bottled water. Just place enough number of golf balls, tees, clothing, and gadget on the pockets. This will help lighten your load and keep the pockets in good condition. An overloaded pocket would shorten its life span.

Usually, a Sunday golf bag does not have top club dividers, so your clubs are in disarray most of the time, and you need some time to find the stick you want to play with. If this caused you stress, then I suggest to invest on a Sunday golf bag that has club dividers. There are 2 or 3 club dividers available in the market to keep your woods and irons placed the right way, and you can decide faster what club length to use, saving you valuable time on your next stroke.

If you are an avid golfer, you may want to have a pencil golf bag kept in your vehicle at all times with the top eight clubs you usually play with in a regular golf game, including some woods, irons and a putter. When you have a free time, coming from your office for example you can directly go to the driving range to practice some shots, and make necessary corrections in your back swing. You may opt to go to the golf course and play some holes.

When you and your friends plan to play golf in another country or need to travel by plane, you may just bring your Sunday golf bag so your baggage is lighter. The pencil golf bag is in itself light, plus the few basic clubs inside would total to a lower weight compared to bringing the standard golf bag.

For golf beginners, having a Sunday golf bag is a good option with a few basic clubs to start off. When you think the game of golf is something for you then slowly invest on additional clubs, and probably to a bigger standard golf bag. For regular golfers, a Sunday golf bag is a welcome addition to your standard golf bags, for a simple and light round of golf, and preferable when traveling. Choose on high quality Sunday golf bag with nice features even it will cost you more, if you will use it for long term, it will be worth it!