Disclosure Policy

Although I love to teach and genuinely want to help people, the truth is I have a family (many mouths) to feed. Fortunately, I earn money from TheGolfProf.com.

How, you may ask? I want to be upfront with you and I want to let you know that the links to the products that I recommend and link to contain affiliate links. You see, TheGolfProf.com is an affiliate of many companies including but not limited to Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank, Linkshare, Rakuten. The links are so many to enumerate so just assume that all links are affiliate links.

This means that the links that you click on this site are embedded with affiliate tracking ids. If in case you do purchase, then I receive a commission for the referral at no additional cost to you. Although I don’t want to ask for anything in return for helping you, a¬†little commission here and there can add up to something substantial for meeting my needs. So allow me to say thank you in advance!

I also earn by selling advertising space either through advertising networks such as Google Adsense or direct placements on this site. With regard to pay-per-click advertising like Google Adsense, I make money whenever you click on those ads.

If you have any questions regarding this affiliate disclosure, feel free to contact me here.