The Trugroove golf club groove sharpener will add the life span of your existing irons, wedges, hybrids, fairway woods and utility golf club heads, particularly to those short golf clubs with more open face, by improving the condition of its grooves which are located at the golf club’s face. You might not need to purchase new golf clubs! By using Trugroove you will better clean and sharpen your short iron’s grooves. A well regrooved club will help increase the spin of your golf ball, and as a result, the ball will stop more quickly at your target area. This is especially helpful when playing near the green, and you plan to land the ball near the hole where the flag is, giving you more chances to have a better golf score.

How can a regrooved club increase ball spin?
After you have sharpen the groove using Trugroove, when the club hits the ball, the regrooved club face will add grip to the ball and help generate more ball spin. If you like your ball to make a back spin, meaning when the golf ball touches the green, the ball will roll backwards instead of going forward, then the increased ball spin will help make it happen. The generated spin can also help the flight of your golf ball to be higher.

Trugroove is a well thought product for the golfer’s ease of use in mind. This special groove sharpener is 100% made in USA, and engineered from superior machines for top quality product. The main part of the groove sharpener is its precision grooving tip which is made from high quality steel that is hardened. The groove’s tip is intentionally angled for ease of use whether you are a left handed or right handed person. The sharpener is made from superior

The next important part is the groove sharpener’s finger grip area. The grip is knurled and has a pattern of tiny diamonds surrounding the round grip handle. The tiny diamonds are angled in such a way to make your grip more firm and tighter as you move the sharpening tool.

Part of the grip area is its main handle for resting your hand knuckles. The handle is about 4.5” long which is longer compared to an ordinary groove sharpener, and this helps maintain stability as you move the grooving steel tip from left to right. Another reason why the handle is made extra long is for people with bigger hands, and is able to support the other bones of your finger and hand.

The main long handle’s middle and top part has a flat design to help keep your hand in its position, and avoid unnecessary movement as you carefully sharpen the grooves of your iron club. The entire groove sharpener’s handle is light because it is made from high quality aircraft aluminum for lesser stress while sharpening, and longer life of the sharpener. And because the groove sharpener is made from quality materials it will not easily break.

To protect the grooving tip and to avoid accident because of the tip’s sharpness, there is the groove sharpener’s cap made from high quality aluminum. In order to cover the grooving tip, you must roll the cap until you reach the rubber part. The cap is threaded so the groove sharpener is tightly closed, preventing dirt and liquid to sip into the main steel tip. When the cap is being closed and rolled to its maximum, and the black colored rubber is pressed, the sharpener will have more protection against water or moist going inside.

When the groove sharpener is closed with its cap, you may safely place it in your pant’s pocket, just like when you keep a ballpen. If the groove sharpener is not in use, I highly suggest that you keep it closed with its cap, especially if it will be stored for a long period of time.

At the topmost part of the groove sharpener is a keychain which is inserted at the small hole of the handle. You may add some of your other small golf tools in the keychain and connect it in your golf club bag. Or just hang the Trugroove in your tools cabinet when you think it will take you some time to use it again.

TruGroove is a dynamic groove sharpening tool which can be used on all types of irons, wedges and utility golf clubs that have U grooves and V grooves. U grooves are sometimes called square grooves having 2 corners. If you are not sure if your irons or wedge have U or V grooves, you may refer to your club manual or ask the manufacturer of the iron club.

When you purchase TruGroove, it includes the following:
– One (1) TruGroove groove sharpener tool with keychain and cap
– Tips on how to use TruGroove (you can place this inside your golf bag)
– Two (2) ball markers
– A plastic protection case

How to use TruGroove groove sharpener?

1. Clean first your iron or wedge using warm water and brush off the dirt that are on the face of the club. Then use soap so that your club will be more clean. Rinse the club afterwards with warm water.

2. You may put a tape on the left and right side of the grooves, to avoid scratches on the part that does not have grooves.

3. You may drop some oil to the grooves for lubrication so you will have a smoother sharpening later on.

4. Hold the TruGroove groove sharpener like how you hold a pencil. Your fingers must touch the finger grip area where the tiny diamonds are, and your knuckles leaning on the main handle.

5. If you are holding the TruGroove with your right hand, then your left hand is holding the club head. The left hand will make sure that the club head does not make unnecessary movements, and it must be in a safe zone, away from the grooves where the precision grooving tip will take action. You may use a clamp to hold on the club face, so your left hand is not directly touching the club avoiding accident.

6. Position the grooving tip with about a 45 degree angle.

7. Starting from the left most groove, apply light pressure going to the right most part of the groove, as you regroove your iron or wedge. You may strengthen the pressure as necessary, depending how deep you want to regroove your club. Or you may start sharpening from right to left.

8. Do the same step to the other grooves.

9. If you want to clean those stubborn dirt in your wedge, TruGroove can do the job well, just follow the above steps.

10. If you want to sharpen some corners of the groove, TruGroove can do it too! Just follow the steps above, and take care of your left hand as it holds the club face, avoiding any untoward accident.

No need to purchase new golf clubs for now, use TruGroove first!

Try to use this little tool to bring back life to your old golf clubs. The groove sharpener will help re-establish the grooves of your worn out wedge which are not that visible anymore. By using TruGroove to re-sharpen and regroove your old lob wedge, you will be surprised to experience the same bite and ball spin action it had before.

Will your club transform to be like a brand new iron? No, but the groove sharpener will certainly help maintain your groove clean and sharp to almost having a new club. It may take several passes to reach the original depth of your grooves.

Before using this tool, you will notice how worn out your grooves are. After a couple of practice, you will find that TruGroove is easy to use and efficient. You will experience a “filled” groove, and more action on your shots. To some special golf clubs where the groove is painted, if you use the groove sharpener it will scrape off the paint, so be careful.

Before you start your round, you may use the grooving tool to clean the grooves, it is better than using a tee! It is easy to take out sand and stones on the grooves using TruGroove.

After many uses of TruGroove, you will see very little wear on the grooving steel, proving that the precision grooving tip is strong and solid. The tool is durable with heavy duty construction and will endure for a long period of time, that is why VersaGolf is giving lifetime warranty to its amazing product TruGroove!

If you love your golf clubs and like them to last for a number of years, then purchase one for yourself. TruGroove will be a delightful addition to your golf tools. Surely TruGroove will save you money by delaying your purchase of new clubs!

Is regrooving illegal?
Strictly speaking, regrooving is not illegal. When you use a groove sharpener tool for cleaning or sharpening your iron’s groove in the correct manner, then it is alright.

If you plan to join on a professional golf competition, or where golf club competition rules are strict, I suggest that you let a reputable professional golf club regrooving company do the regrooving of your golf club, unless you are very skilled in golf club regrooving. According to professional golf associations like the United States Golf Association (USGA), they have placed rules regarding the sharpness necessary of golf clubs’ groove edges for irons, wedges, hybrids and fairway woods. There are also USGA rules on groove spacing and groove width that are permitted. So during a competition which puts importance on the legality of golfers’ club, and a golf official discovered that your wedge’s groove is over spaced, or the groove is not according to USGA standard, then that specific wedge cannot be used in the competition.

Refer to:

In a casual friendly competition with average to intermediate level golfers, when you want to use a grooving sharpener tool to do some deep cleaning to a part of your wedge, or create some depth to your dulled groove that has curve corners already instead of having right angled corners, then I think there is no problem using a groove sharpener.

Why do USGA needs to be strict on club’s groove?
One of the golf association’s purpose is to make the golf game competitive particularly to professional golfers. Over the years, the association noticed that if the irons’ groove have such spacing, then it is easier for advanced golfers to hit the ball even in a rough environment. The rough exist so that it will be difficult for an expert golfer to get the ball out of it. But if it became easy with the use of technical specification like regrooving the club face, then the competitiveness of the golf game is decreased.

The competitiveness is especially applicable during the first shot of the hole, when the golfer uses a driver, and the ball does not land along the fairway, but on the rough – on the left or right side of the fairway where there are the grass height is much longer. The USGA revised groove specifications on the clubs to make it challenging even for advanced golfers to hit the ball in the rough. Making the possibility of the golf ball reaching the green slimmer. To be a golf champion or winner of a tournament should entail a golfer to have top skill and not overly dependent on his or her golf club technology.