Golf Terminology For Beginners

Confused as to what some golfing terms mean? There’s an answer to that. Browse through our list of golfing terms for beginners and finally understand the true meanings of the words.


Gradual fast movement of the club, arms, or hands


The time when a golfer has setup the position of his body and his club before hitting the ball

Angle of Approach

The angle of the club head when it hits the ball

Angle of Attack

See Angle of Approach


Part of a golf course that is located right after the fairway but before the area where the hole is located


The central line that the upper body rotates on during a swing


The movement of the golfer as he swings his club away from the ball up to the top as he winds up his body


The spin that the golf ball makes after being hit


A score that is one stroke below the par

Bladed Shot

A shot where an iron hits the upper part of the ball


A shot that is hit in a bunker to get the ball out of the sand trap


A score that is one stroke above the par


The unintentional curving movement of the ball to the side that is caused by wind, slope, or grain

Bump and Run

A shot where a ball is hit to roll up


Hollow part of a golf course that is filled with sand or water that is intentionally designed as an obstacle


An assistant hired to carry the golf bag throughout the game

Cambered Sole

Smoothening of the bottom part of the club head to produce rounded edges


The distance that the ball travels from the time it flies in the air to the time it lands on the ground


Releasing the wrist too early during a downswing. It decreases control and power.

Cavity Back

An iron where the back part of the clubhead is not solid metal but has empty space inside

Center of Rotation

See Axis

Check Up

The act of a ball stopping

Chicken Wing

The act of bending the elbow at a direction away from the body during a swing

Club Head

The lower end of a golf club that hits the ball


The winding up of the upper body during a backswing


Amount of softness or hardness of a golf ball


Smooth coordinated movement of body parts that produces a natural swing


Gradual slowing down movement of the club, arms, or hands


A hollow formed on the turf when the club hits the turf instead of the ball

Double Bogey

A score that is 2 strokes above the par

Double Eagle

A score that is 3 strokes below the par


The act of carrying two golf bags by one caddie

Downhill Lie

A situation where the ball is located on a downward slope


The part of a full swing that starts from the top down to hitting the golf ball


For right handed golfers, a shot that curves from right to left.
For left handed golfers, a shot that curves from left to right.


A type of golf club that has the biggest club head and is used to hit the ball to reach the longest distance

Driving Range

A place with many tees lined up so that a golfer can practice hitting drive shots repeatedly without the need for landing the ball in the hole

Duck Hook

For right handed golfers, a shot that curves extremely from right to left.
For left handed golfers, a shot that curves extremely from left to right.


A score that is two strokes below the par

Early Hit

See Casting

Effective Loft

The actual angle of the club face when it hits the ball


See Blast


For left handed golfers, a shot that curves from left to right.
For right handed golfers, a shot that curves from right to left.


Part of the golf course that is located between the area where you hit your first shot and the area where the hole is located

Fairway Wood

Golf club with a metal club head that is smaller than a driver’s club head. Its shaft is also shorter than a driver’s shaft. It is used when hitting on the fairway.

Fat Shot

A wrong shot wherein the club head hits the ground first then the ball afterwards


A piece of triangular shaped cloth that is attached to a stick. It is placed in the hole so that players can easily where the hole is located. It is usually color coded based on its location.

Flat Swing

A swing that is on a horizontal plane


How easy the golf club’s shaft can bend when it is swung

Follow Through

The part of a full swing that starts from when the ball is hit until the end of the swing wherein the club is over the shoulder of the golfer


Word shouted to forewarn nearby golfers that there is a ball coming their way


The ability of a club to still deliver a straight shot even if you hit it with a bad swing or off center

Forward Swing

See Downswing

Fried Egg

A situation where a golf ball is buried or half buried in a bunker like sand, making it look like a fried egg


See Apron

Frog Hair

See Apron

Golf Range

See Driving Range


Part of the golf course where the hole is located

Green Fee

The amount that a golfer pays to play in a golf course


The handle or upper end of a golf club where the club is held. It also known as how the hands are positioned on the grip part of the golf club.


Horizontal or vertical line indentations on a golf club face that is intended to displace unwanted objects like dirt, grass, or water on the club face

Ground the Club

To position the club head and touch the ground before making a full swing


A wrong shot wherein the ball in hit in a chopping manner instead of in a fluid swing manner


see Fat Shot

Half Shot

A shorter version of a full swing wherein swing speed is intentionally decreased to gain better control of how high and how far the ball will go


A number that is calculated to know how a good a golfer’s playing skills are and represents how many strokes above par a golfer is expected to play


See Bunker


Part of clubhead that is near where the shaft is inserted

High Side

The tallest side of a hole when it is located on a slope

Hitting from the Top

The act of swinging from the top directly down toward the target line instead of from inside the target line


See Check Up


A 4.25-inch hollow in the green that has a plastic cup inside where the ball should land.

Hole in One

A shot wherein the ball is hit from the tee and lands directly in the hole with just one stroke

Golf History

When did playing golf start? Some literary pieces written by Dutch authors mention games that are similar to golf as early as the thirteenth century. But the game of golf formally began in 1744 in Scotland.

More than a hundred years later, it was officially launched in the United States through the founding of Golf Club of America.

It was used to be played by the elite. Now, it is played by common people who are in the middle or upper class.

What Are The Risks Involved In Playing Golf?

Unlike boxing where you sustain injuries after a match, golf is a low risk sport with minimal probability of injuries. However, there are still risks, even how small they are, that exist. Here are three safety concerns to look out for when playing golf.

1. A golf ball might hit you
2. A golf club might hit you
3. A lightning might strike you

How many hours does it take to play golf?

There are several factors that affect how long you will be able to finish a game of golf. These include how many golfers are playing in your group, how easy or difficult the golf course is, and how fast or slow your group is.

But, on the average, a hole can be played in approximately 15 minutes. So, if you are playing 18 holes, then the whole game will take you around 270 minutes or 5 hours to finish.