Best Golf Bags

Not all golf bags are created equal. There are many choices to choose from different brands like TaylorMade, PING, Callaway, Nike, Ogio, Titleist, and Wilson. But, how would you know which one best suits your taste and needs?

The first thing that you should do is to find out what type of golf bag you need. Do you prefer to carry your bag or pull it on wheels? Are you going to bring your bag for flight travels? The answers to these questions will help you determine which of the four types of golf bags namely carry bags, staff bags, cart bags, and travel bags best suits you.

Carry Bags

A carry bag has shoulder straps, either one or two straps, that you hang on your shoulder to move your bag from one place to another. It is usually lightweight so that it will not be to heavy to lug around and for easy mobility. It can be further classified as a stand bag or Sunday bag.

1. Stand Carry Bag

A stand bag has a stand mechanism using retractable legs. The retracted legs and the bag form a tripod so that it can stand upright in a stable position. Even with its stand and strap, it is considered lightweight, weighing around 6 pounds.

Recommended for: Golfer who prefers to carry his bag on his shoulder.

Top 5 Stand Carry Bags

PRODUCTSun Mountain 4.5 LS 14-Way Stand BagCallaway Capital Golf Stand BagCallaway Fusion Stand BagCallaway Chev Stand Bag
TaylorMade PureLite Stand Bag
BRANDSun Mountain Golf BagCallaway Golf BagCallaway Golf BagCallaway Golf BagTaylormade Golf Bag
PRICECheck for Discount on AmazonCheck for Discount on AmazonCheck for Discount on AmazonCheck for Discount on AmazonCheck for Discount on Amazon
DIVIDERS14 full length dividers514 full length dividers75
WEIGHT4.5 pounds4.5 pounds5.5 pounds5.5 pounds4.8 pounds
RAIN HOOD / COVERIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
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2. Sunday Carry Bag

A Sunday bag is very lightweight and suitable for traveling. You can use it when you don’t need to bring a full set of clubs such as when practicing in a driving range or attending golf lessons. A Sunday bag that is made of polyester can be as light as 15 ounces. Its most prominent feature is that you can fold it away when you are not going to use it.

Staff Bags

A staff bag is the biggest type of all golf bags. It has many dividers and pockets to store a different array of golf gears.

It is usually used by professional golfers especially in tournaments where you can see caddies carrying golf bags with a sponsor’s logo on them.

It is heavier, weighing around 10 pounds, compared to carry bags so having a caddie would be helpful.

Recommended for: Professional golfer or golfer who has a caddie to carry his bag.

Cart Bags

A cart bag is strapped on a golf push or pull cart’s frame or on a buggy. It weighs around 7 pounds and has many pockets for storage.

One of the main advantages of a cart bag is you don’t have to exert as much effort in carrying your golf equipment. You can usually load more stuffs in a cart bag because you’re not that much concerned with carrying the weight on your shoulder.

Recommended for: Seniors and golfer who uses a golf push or pull cart or usually rides a golf cart.

Travel Bags

A travel bag typically has a large padded main compartment where a carry bag is put for protection during flight travels. The top part is also heavily padded to prevent damage on the club heads.

It is available with wheels and without wheels. You can choose a hard sided or a fabric travel bag.

Recommended for: Golfer who loves to travel to play golf.

5 Things to Look For in a Golf Bag

1. Club Holders and Dividers

Number of Dividers
You should check how many dividers does a golf bag have. Do you prefer to have one compartment for each club? Or grouping them according to their type such as drivers, irons, and woods would suffice?

Length of Dividers
I prefer full length dividers to amply protect the clubs and to avoid contact with other clubs. If full length dividers are not available, you can opt for plastic tube dividers that are sold separately, then put them in your bag to separate your clubs.

Best Golf Bag - Club Holders and Dividers

2. Pockets

Easy to Organize
Aside from clubs, you need to bring other things such as golf balls and gloves so having many pockets in your golf bag will help keep your things organized.

Pockets are essential in providing easy access to things that you need during your game. You need small pockets to put your tees, watch, wrenches, and ball markers. You need bigger pockets to store your water, hat, and jacket. Finally, you need a separate pocket that will hold your golf balls.

Pockets vary in sizes, shapes, and functions. The types of pockets include accessory pockets, rain or waterproof pockets, valuables pockets, and thermal pockets.

Best Golf Bag - Pockets

3. Straps

The strap should be strong enough to support the weight of the bag, your clubs, and other things that you will load on your bag.

Padded straps provide cushion that will help lessen the strain put on your shoulders while carrying your bag. Adjust the straps to fit your body accordingly.

Golf bags can come in single or double straps. Double straps are worn like a backpack. I prefer double straps because they balance the pressure put on both shoulders unlike a single strap that tend to pull you down to one side.

Best Golf Bag -Strap

4. Legs

There are stands that are sold separately and can be attached to golf bags. But I will not advise you on buying an attachment. It would be better if you buy a stand carry bag that has built in retractable legs that support the bag.

Make sure that the legs are of good quality and can withstand repeated deployment. The last thing that you want is a stand bag with broken legs.

Deployment of the legs should be fast and easy otherwise it will be a hassle every time you need to use them. You need to retract the legs so that it will form into a tripod. Once the legs are extended, the bag should not fall even if it is on uneven ground.

Best Golf Bag - Legs

5. Design

The golf bag that you will choose should be appealing to you aesthetically. Choosing a design is subjective and depends on your personality.

What may look cool to you may look odd for others. So long as you are attracted to the design, then it’s good. After all, it is your bag.

What is important is, aside from having a functional golf bag, you get a boost of confidence when you bring it with you to a game.

Best Golf Bag - Design

Key Takeaway

Best Golf Bag

First of all, you need to determine what type of golf bag you need. There are 4 types of golf bags: carry bags, staff bags, cart bags, and travel bags.

For me, I prefer using a golf cart bag. Just load it on a golf pull cart and you’re good to go. No need to carry all those weight on your shoulders.

You use the leverage of wheels in moving your bag. Imagine, shopping in a supermarket and carrying a basket for your shopping. Now, imagine shopping while using a push cart trolley. Which will consume more energy? Of course, carrying a basket will drain more energy.

In the same way, carrying a golf bag on your shoulder will exhaust your energy more than pulling it on wheels.

After choosing the type of bag, you need to consider looking at these 5 features of the golf bag: club holders and dividers, pockets, straps, legs, and design.

This golf bag buying guide will help you in choosing the best golf bag for you.

What type of golf bag do you prefer?
What other things do you look for in a golf bag?
What is the best golf bag for you?