One Piece Takeaway

A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve ever tried doing a one piece takeaway, you know how confusing it can be initially to move many parts of your body in unison.

You wonder how professional golfers do it smoothly and seemingly with no effort at all.

Well, the good news is… you, too, can learn how to easily do a fluid one-piece takeaway by following this step-by-step guide.

You will also learn how to synchronize your body movements and practice some takeaway drills to hone your skills. You will also watch a tutorial video on how to do a takeaway correctly by Tiger Woods’ coach, Butch Harmon.

But before elaborating the steps in detail, it is important to know what is a takeaway and where is its place in a golf swing sequence.

Golf Swing Sequence

After getting a good setup at address position, you initiate the golf swing with the takeaway, followed by the backswing, transition, then the downswing, impact, and finally the follow-through.

Takeaway refers to the start or initial stage of your golf swing until your club is parallel to the ground or around the level of your waist.

It is important that you get started on track so you should master how to do the takeaway properly and consistently.

Although the downswing is more important than the takeaway, if you start your swing correctly then you are more likely to do the other parts of the swing well.

Otherwise, you will tend to make up for your errors down on your swing which might just complicate the issues like casting the club on the way down and losing clubhead speed.

One-piece Takeaway vs Two-piece Takeaway

One-piece Takeaway

One-piece takeaway has a big, wide, and free flowing arc. It creates a wider arc and is simpler to do.

A key component of a one piece takeaway is the torso and shoulder are the primary movers of the club. The arms are straight and have a supporting role only.

The club, hands, arms, torso, shoulder, and body are moving together in unison as one unit or one piece.

Golf champion Adam Scott has one of the most powerful swings on tour. And according to him, one of the secrets to creating power in his swing is by doing a one piece takeaway.

Two-piece Takeaway

A two-piece takeaway is also known as early wrist set. In other words, you bring the club back with your hands first by cocking your wrist at the start of the swing.

After hinging your wrist, then your arms start moving so they move in two units or two pieces.

Your hands and arms are the primary movers of the club. Therefore, it creates a smaller arc compared to the one-piece takeaway.

How to Make a One-piece Takeaway

Now that you know the difference between the two types of takeaways, let’s dive down to the lesson on how to create a one piece takeaway.

Step #1: Take a Proper Golf Stance

Imagine that there is a line with the two points as your right foot and left foot. This imaginary line should be parallel to the target line at address. ThoughtCo has a very detailed guide with pictures on how to have a correct golf swing setup and posture.

Step #2: Sync Your Body Movements

Do not pick up the club by bending your wrists. The concept behind a one piece takeaway is that everything is moving together as one but the clubhead should move faster than your body.

Don’t drag the club to the inside. Sync and coordinate your arms, shoulder, hips, and whole body so that you can execute a smooth, fluid, natural, and rhythmic swing.

One Piece Takeway Golf Swing

Pull Back Your Right Shoulder

When you turn your right shoulder and swing your club up to the level of your waist, the club should also be parallel to the ground and to the target line. The angle of the clubface is not vertically straight but tilted at around 15 degrees or the same angle as your spine.

One Piece Takeaway

Transfer Weight to Your Right Foot

As you turn your hips and right shoulder, transfer some weight to your right foot by pushing the ground using your right foot.

One Piece Takeaway

Keep Your Left Tricep Near Your Body

Your left tricep should be near your body at the end of the takeaway or when the club is parallel to the ground. You might be wondering how near to your body.

Imagine that you have a towel on your chest. You are holding the towel in place with your left and right triceps. As you rotate your body, your left tricep should not go away from your body otherwise the towel will fall. That’s how near your left tricep should be.

Golf Swing One Piece Takeaway

Keep Your Right Arm and Wrist Straight

As you rotate your body at around 15 degrees and up to the point that the club is parallel to the ground, keep your right arm comfortably straight and not too stiff.

Do not bend your right elbow and wrist. If you fold your right elbow or wrist, you will pull the club to the inside and cause a slice which is something that you don’t want to happen.

Golf Swing Takeaway Drills

Maintain the connection between the body, arms, and club. Imagine that your arms and the club form the capital letter “Y”. Turn your upper body and keep that “Y” intact until the end of your takeaway.

With this drill, you will practice moving the club with your body and not with your arms. If you move it with your arms, you will feel that the butt end of the club will detach from your navel.

A one piece takeaway will keep your club on plane.

You should feel that the toe of the club is leading the shaft, your hands, arms, shoulders, body. Notice that the word used is “feel”. It’s not really the toe that initiates the motion because it simply can’t.

The letter “Y” should move in harmony with the shoulders

When your left hand is passed your right thigh, then it’s time to set the club.

Takeaway Tutorial by Butch Harmon

Butch Harmon is the golf instructor of professional player Tiger Woods for more than 10 years. In this video, he shows you how to do the takeaway correctly.

Fix Inside or Outside Takeaway

The most common problems that occur with executing a one piece takeaway is that you are picking the club outside, fanning the club open, taking the club inside, or the club is just too far away from your body at the end of the takeaway.

It’s not your arms or wrist that play a major role in taking the club back but instead it’s the rotation of your body and pulling of your right shoulder.

How to Fix a Golf Takeaway That is Too Far Inside

How to Fix a Golf Takeaway That is Too Far Outside

Key Takeaway


Bear in mind that making a one piece takeaway is not the only key to hitting straight shots. There are golfers who do not have a one-piece takeaway but still strikes the ball solidly.

In short, don’t get so engrossed in being able to copy all the mechanics of a one-piece takeaway to the point that you’re doing it with rigid movements.

Don’t give up easily when your takeaway looks robotic at first. It takes time and persistence to master it. Practice and do the drills until you get used to the steps and are able to execute it smoothly.

If you don’t start your swing correctly, then it’s going to be a mess and difficult to get back on track.

In this step-by-step guide, you learned how to sync the movements of different parts of your body to be able to execute a smooth free-flowing one piece takeaway. Practice and do the drills to master it in no time.