SKLZ Gold Flex Review

Use this instead of your golf club to warm up, to smoothen your tempo, and to strengthen your muscles.

It is available in 2 sizes. It your height is 5’6 or above, then the 48-inch trainer is ideal for you. But if you stand below 5’6, then the 40-inch trainer is more suitable for you.

Its head is made of polyurethane and weighs 2.15 lbs. Its shaft is made of fiberglass that is flexible to improve your lag, tempo, and power. The grip has some markings to show you where to place your hands.

benefits of golf swing training aidsPROS

1. Great for Warming Up

You can bring this along with you during a game because it fits right in your golf bag unlike those bulky swing training aids that are not portable. Use this to loosen up before playing to get into the momentum and to build your confidence before hitting your shot. It also helps stretch your back and shoulder muscles so you can execute your back swing more efficiently.

2. Smoothens your tempo

If you use this regularly, you will notice that your tempo will smoothen out. Lag is very crucial in attaining distance and power. It kind of forces you to pause at the top of your swing so that you know when to initiate your downswing.

It helps in making the right timing for weight shift and balance. It will help correct your rhythm and tempo: start slow up to the top of your swing, accelerate towards impact, and finally finish slow with the follow through. In short, this aid really makes your tempo better, period.

3. Strengthens Your Muscles

The muscles that you use in playing golf will get the workout they need. If you use it regularly, you will start feeling that the muscles in your arms and hands are slowly building up. Not only that, you will also build muscle memory with repeated use.

golf swing training aidsCONS

Not Very Durable
As there is no perfect product, the one flaw that I see is that it is not very durable. Some have complained that the grip slid off from the shaft or the handle broke apart after some use. I don’t know the whole story about these incidents. But, as for me, I have been using SKLZ Gold Flex for more than 6 months now and have seen tremendous improvement in my swing.