The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners


If you’re just getting started in golf, then you should use the most forgiving and game improvement clubs. Don’t spend too much money on your first set of clubs because your swing speed will change and your skill level will improve. Eventually, you will need another set to match your skills. For now, we have hand-picked the best ones for you – affordable and very forgiving!

Discover The Right Golf Clubs For You

The Best Drivers For Beginners

TaylorMade M1 Driver

TaylorMade M1 is now made with more carbon so that it’s more lightweight and have a lower center of gravity. It has also improved its adjustable features with the T-Track system.

With its 4° loft sleeve, you can easily adjust the loft, lie, and face angles in increments ranging from 0.50° to 2.0°.

With its Front-Track Weight system, you can easily move the 15 gram weight to the toe, middle, or heel depending on if you want to hit a fade, straight, or draw shot.

With its Back-Track Weight system, you can easily move the 12 or 15 gram weight high, medium, or low setting depending on if you want to the ball to spin fast or slow and to fly high or low.

You can feel the solid impact when you hit the ball. Its large sweet spot enables you to still have straight shots even if you hit it off center. We saw additional 20 yards in our drives with M1. As a beginner, you need a driver that delivers distance, feel, and forgiveness. TaylorMade M1 has them all!

Length: 45.5”
Head Volume: 460cc
Orientation: RH/LH

Callaway GBB Epic Driver

Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic is 45.5″ long and has a huge sweet spot that still delivers long distance even if you feel that you did not hit it on the center.

What’s so special about GBB Epic is its Jailbreak Technology. Imagine your driver’s club face, crown, and sole flexing and rebounding when you hit the ball. This feature makes your ball travel faster and farther.

What also stood out is its 17-gram sliding weight that helps deliver high launching and low spinning ball flight. You can also adjust the hosel if you want the lie angle to be neutral or at a draw.

Its club head is made up of triaxial carbon and strong titanium. Out of all the Callaway drivers that we tested, this is the lightest one.

One thing that we don’t like though is the feeling of something plastic when the ball is struck.

Overall, its accuracy and distance make this a fantastic driver.

Length: 45.5”
Head Volume: 460cc
Orientation: RH/LH

Cobra King F7 Driver

Cobra F7 has a big massive carbon club head that is thinner and stronger. It is absolutely oversized and looks very forgiving. The word “Cobra” on the top of the head clearly points to where you should hit the ball because it is the middle of the face – the sweet spot.

You have 3 options for your ball flight preference. First, if you want the ball to spin more and fly high, then put the 12 gram weight in the back. Second, if you want lesser spin rate and the ball to fly low and to go farther, then put the weight in the front. Third, if you put the weight to the heel, there will be more draw spin that will help fix a slice.

What’s unique about Cobra F7 is its ability to track how far the ball traveled through an electronic tracking device embedded in the grip. The device is battery operated that can last up to 5 years. It automatically shuts off when you put your club in your bag by sensing that it’s dark so that power is saved. After you finish a round, you’ll see loads of stats analysis on your performance via a connected smartphone app .

Length: 45.25”
Head Volume: 460cc
Orientation: RH/LH

The Best Fairway Woods For Beginners

Titleist 917 F2 Fairway

What’s unique about Titleist 917 F2 is its Surefit CG Weight system wherein a weight cylindrical cartridge can be inserted into a designated chamber on the sole of the club head. There is a set of weights for fade and draw and another set for neutral.

You can adjust it by inserting different weights (i.e. 8g, 10g, 12g, 14g, 16g) depending on what you need whether it is a fade, neutral, or draw. In effect, you can also change the swing weight to make it more controllable.

Another feature of its adjustability is its Surefit Hosel that allows you to change the loft and lie angles separately. You change the loft whether you want the ball to fly high or low. You can change the lie whether you want the ball to travel from right to left or from left to right. The Active recoil channel is now improved to rebound and make the ball travel faster.

It has more spin and higher trajectory than the 917 F3 model. It feels nice when you hit it but there is a metallic sound at impact that we don’t like.

Callaway GBB Epic Fairway Wood

The Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Fairway Wood is very impressive. It has a very light crown and a lower center of gravity that will help you hit straight and long. It is very forgiving and easy to hit with its enormous sweet spot and thin face.

Its Speed Step Crown helps keep the airflow near the club head so that there is less resistance resulting to a faster fluid swing. Coupled with its Hyper Speed Face Cup, expect the ball to soar and fly at a faster speed. And the faster the ball goes, the farther it goes.

You can use this on the tee, on the fairway, or on the semi-rough. Compared to Callaway XR16 Fairway, GBB Epic delivered more added distance and speed. But one thing we don’t like is its sound. The sound may not be that solid, somewhat hollow, compared to fairways with steel crowns.

Overall, Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Fairway delivers power, accuracy, forgiveness, and extra distance in an epic way!

TaylorMade M2 Fairway

TaylorMade M2 Fairway will give you a high launch and a low spin shot with extra yards.

It is lightweight with a mid-sized carbon composite head that has a low center of gravity.

It has an inverted cone technology on the face that expands its area and enlarges the sweet spot. This technology is a big factor in making it a very forgiving club even if you hit outside of the central area.

The new version has a longer, thinner, and more flexible speed pocket that adds more distance, forgiveness, and ball speed. The hosel is fluted to further reduce weight resulting to even faster ball speeds.

This is very suitable for golfers, particularly beginners, who have a slow swing speed. Do not get the M2 Tour Fairway model because it’s smaller and is not compatible for your skill level.

It sits square at address so it boosts your confidence. We like the sound, power, and solid feel of this club!

The Best Irons For Beginners

Callaway Big Bertha OS Iron

The “OS” in Callaway Big Bertha OS iron stands for “oversized”. It has a black polished finish and its look builds confidence.

Its club face is surrounded by an ultra-thin edge, also known as 360 Face Cup technology, that allows the face to flex and release on impact resulting to the ball traveling at a faster rate and going farther.

It is also equipped with Exo-Cage construction that reduces weight and maximizes forgiveness, power, and speed.

The sole has a tungsten that concentrates the weight to create stability and to lower the center of gravity. That means, your ball will still travel fast even if you hit it on the lower part of the club face. Additionally, the ball will shoot and travel at a higher trajectory over a long carry.

The location of the center of gravity varies relative to the loft angle of the iron. Consequently, long irons will produce higher launches and short irons will give you more control.

This is definitely an easy-to-hit iron that is perfect for beginners.

Wilson D300 Iron

The “D” in Wilson D300 iron stands for “distance”. This is a big iron that is power packed with a big massive head so you feel confident when using it. It will help you get the ball into the air. It has an offset design on the head that makes it easy for beginners like you to square the club face at impact and launch the ball at a higher trajectory.

There is more weight on the heel and toe that makes it more forgiving with more inertia. This added weight makes the club more stable with low center of gravity. It also creates a powerful launch, boosts ball speed, and helps get the ball a little bit higher.

Its Flx Face technology makes the face flex more by limiting the amount of contact between the face and the club head when the ball is hit. It has strong loft and power holes on the sole, topline, and all around the head.

These power holes are slot openings that loaded with TE031 urethane and cause the face to flex and spring back the ball for more ball speed and added yards.

What we don’t like about Wilson D300 is its non-classy look with a shiny finish. The sunlight that reflects on the shiny club can be glaring and affect your performance.

TaylorMade M1 Iron

TaylorMade M1 iron delivers height, power, distance, consistency, and control. It has slots on its thin face and on the sole of the club so that it flexes and rebounds as it strikes the ball not only when you hit it on its sweet spot but even if you hit it down low on the face. Beginners have a tendency to hit low on the face so this will make up for your mis-hit. It is incredibly forgiving even if you hit it on the heel or toe.

Its speed pocket on the sole makes your ball launch higher, fly faster, and go farther. You will see that your ball will go down nicely on a steep angle for a soft landing on the green and a quick stop. Even if you use a low lofted iron, you will see that the ball flies so high and will go an extra distance to reach your target.

It has a thin topline with a geocoustic technology at the back. This feature manages the sound, vibration, and feel of the club. It has a 15 gram tungsten on the sole that translates to lower center of gravity and more inertia. It has reduced a lot of weight around the club head and in the hosel. There is also a black cutout on the neck for custom fitting.

Overall, this iron builds your confidence and is one of the best performing irons for beginners.